Georg Jensen: Real or fake?

And how can you tell if you’re not an expert?

I was recently researching silver jewelry to post on Etsy, and several brooches in the search results looked like some other pieces I own. They were labeled as Georg Jensen creations, and selling for $500 and more. Wow!

Genuine Jensen

Genuine Jensen

Genuine Jensen

Genuine Jensen

Georg Jensen, Danish (1866-1935), studied to be a sculptor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. In 1901 he turned to silversmithing, studying under the great Mogens Ballin. In 1904 he opened his own shop and began creating what would become his world famous Art Nouveau designs. The company still produces beautiful jewelry to this day.

I dashed to my jewelry box and grabbed the two sterling silver pins I’d had forever. “I’ve struck the mother lode!”

But there was no Jensen mark. OK, so some famous designers didn’t always put their mark on their pieces, but further research revealed that Jensen and many of his protégés always did. And you need to know that.

Jensen mark

Jensen mark

Bottom line: No mark, no Jensen.

My pieces are 1930s or 1940s American reproductions, perhaps by Coro or Viking Craft. Yes, they have value, but nothing like the hundreds of dollars the genuine article would bring in.

It’s worth taking the time to research a piece you no longer want. It may not be a Georg Jensen.

Then again, it may be.

Here’s a link to various Jensen brand marks:

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And enjoy the hunt!

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5 Responses to Georg Jensen: Real or fake?

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  3. sarathurston says:

    I’m glad you liked it! I was SO sure I had Jensen pieces — what a disappointment when I found out. HAHA!

  4. JR: a fine post, and i’ve reposted. thx for sharing! RT

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