The $750 Song Title

I inherited boxes of vinyl record albums. At least 300. And we want them out of storage. There are buyers, too — vinyl is making a comeback!

Do you have a treasure in your vinyl collection?

Do you have a treasure in your vinyl collection?

So one day I made up a spreadsheet, painstakingly looking up each one and cataloguing it by what it appeared to be worth. Most would sell for about $8, but there were a few that could fetch hundreds.

The key word is “could.”

And that’s where valuing vinyl gets tricky. And that’s why our collection continues to sit in the basement (out of extreme temperatures, of course).

I found what I thought was a $750 Beatles rarity.

Scarce, but not rare enough to fetch $750

If the song title is on one line, you may have the rare Monarch pressing!

If the song title is on one line, you may have the rare Monarch pressing!

After HOURS of research, however, I discovered that mine is not the extremely rare “Monarch” pressing. The distinguishing factor? “Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby” is on two lines. On the Monarch pressing, the title is on one line. A $700 difference. But I’m happy to get $50 for it.

Here’s how tricky it can get.

When the Rolling Stones first put out their “Some Girls” album, they used photos of celebrities such as Judy Garland and Farrah Fawcett Majors. Within four weeks they had to pull the album because of threats of lawsuits. That version is worth a lot of money.

Subsequent versions have different color bars. This one is perhaps the second, with an “under construction” notice on the actual album sleeve. It’s worth maybe $25. The newer ones have illustrations instead of photos.


This is the “corrected” version of the original 1978 album, which featured celebrity images without permission. If Farrah Fawcett Majors is on your album, it’s worth a lot!


I highly recommend expert help in valuing your record collection.

For one thing, It may not be vinyl.
Some were made with styrene — and the difference could be significant.

The record must be in near mint condition to be worth anything. So must the paper sleeve or album cover.

The album artwork can determine value, as well.

Led Zeppelin's

Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti” has great album artwork. But too many people still own the original to make it worth much at all.

And the record must be “important.”

First pressings by major bands like the Beatles or Rolling Stones may qualify. So are misprints or alternative covers (think the Beatles “White Album” with nudie or “Some Girls”).

Few of us have the knowledge or expertise to grade and value our own vinyl 45s and albums. I know I sure don’t know enough!

Here is a list of professionals who can help you decide what to do with your collection:

Revilla Grooves and Gear (Southern NJ area)

Music Appraisals

Go Continental

If you know of other reputable companies, please let us know!

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