So. Is it Cronin or Cameron?

Anyone who was alive in the 1960s must remember these pottery pieces. They were everywhere! The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P to most of us) gave them away as premiums to encourage customer loyalty. In fact, A&P was the first company to do such a thing!

The distinctive teal blue serving pieces included trays, covered handled soup bowls, tea pots and pitchers, and were produced mainly in the 1950s.

They’re almost always listed as Cronin Pottery “Blue Tulip” pattern, perhaps because the mark on the bottom was similar to a mark used by Ohio’s Cronin Pottery. But researchers now believe the pieces were made by Cameron Clay Products of West Virginia. Little is known about Cameron, but a website is being created to help collectors learn more.

Cameron Pottery tea pot, 1950s.

Cameron Pottery tea pot, 1950s.

Regardless of who made “Blue Tulip,” it’s a wonderfully retro line that has held up remarkably well. While they command higher prices than you’d find at a yard sale, “Blue Tulip” pieces are still quite affordable, making it easy to assemble a collection. And their sleek lines allow them to complement virtually any décor, from cottage chic to minimalist.

An article by Antique Trader says that Cameron Pottery pieces, especially art pottery, should be collected now.

“With most pieces selling for less than $50, and many selling for less than $20, the time is now – before it’s as well-known and sought after as McCoy, Haeger and Red Wing!”

Enjoy the hunt!

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