Sometimes, it might be better not knowing…

I once had a bangle bracelet that was a rich green color. It looked like glass or stone. I didn’t know what it was, actually.

I knew it was old. But it was too heavy. It just wasn’t my style. Whatever.

One day, I either threw it in the trash or gave it away to one of the many little children in our family.

My only excuse is that I did it before the Internet made it so easy to look up stuff. Because I just saw one exactly like it on Etsy the other day, from a highly reputable jadite dealer.

After I recovered from that, and perhaps because I’m part masochist, I started looking up some other items that I remember tossing many years ago.

Trust me, you only want to do this if you still have said items.

The lesson is this: Look it up before you throw it out. No matter how trivial the item appears to be, no matter how junky it seems to you, look it up. Look it up. Look it up.

Otherwise, I might find it at your yard sale for $1.

This time around I’ll know what jadeite is.

About sarathurston

I'm a marketing communications writer who also loves antiques and collectibles. You can find my shop on Etsy at
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