Why buy new when you can buy old?

The term “antique” is reserved for items that are at least 100 years old and, preferably, handmade. “Vintage” is a relatively new term that simply means “old” or “used.”

So what’s the appeal?

Often, it’s quality. Many items that were made even 20 years ago have a significant advantage over newer, more cheaply made things. Books were bound better, which is why they’ve lasted so long. Gold chains – and charm bracelets — had more gold in them. Even ordinary glassware often had hand-finished designs, engravings and other touches that were replaced by machining.

Design plays an important role, as well. A single American Brilliant cut glass pitcher in a sleek, urban loft with contemporary furnishings can make a dramatic statement with is contrasting complexity. A 1950s purse becomes a conversation piece. A whimsical piece of novelty jewelry from the 1970s lends a sense of irony to an otherwise conservative outfit.

Finally, there’s something gratifying about literally owning a piece of history. Reading a story from 1927 is somehow more realistic when the book itself is an original. The yellowing pages help to create the mood of the era, and the old illustrations enhance it even further.

Rare 1927 edition of "God's Stepchildren," a story about apartheid in South Africa

Rare 1927 edition of “God’s Stepchildren,” a story about apartheid in South Africa

You don’t have to be a serious collector to appreciate the value of antique or vintage item. You may simply discover something that reflects your own personal or professional interests. Something that appeals to your sense of fun. Or reminds you of one of the best times of your life.

Next time you’re in the market for home décor, accessories, jewelry or an unusual gift, consider antique or vintage. As Etsy shop owner APKVintage says so well: “Out with the new and in with the old!”

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I'm a marketing communications writer who also loves antiques and collectibles. You can find my shop on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/JanvierRoad
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